Patrick Beven

Born in Brazil, Patrick began surfing at eight years old.  He moved to France at twelve to dedicate his life to surfing.  There he built up his reputation as a   well-trained, powerful surfer on the ASP World Qualifying Series and was classified as a formidable opponent on the World Championship Tour.

Patrick has spent his life in the water and realized his first professional victory at the 2003 Onbongo Pro WQS 6-star in Brazil. His dream is to make the ASP World Championship Tour and he has the weapons and experience to realize it.  In 2009 he eliminated some of the best surfers of the world like Joel Parkinson and Bobby Martinez to take 3rd in the ASP WCT Quiksilver pro France to confirm his potential.

2009 - 3rd WCT Quiksilver Pro France
2007 - 1st WQS Rip Curl Pro
2006 - 1st WQS Santinho Costao Pro
2005 - 1st WQS Rip Curl Pro
2004 - 1st WQS Pays de la Loire Surf Pro
2003 - 1st WQS Onbongo Pro
2003 - 1st WQS Rip Curl Pro
2003 - 1st WQS Ocean & Earth Pro
2003 - 1st WQS Caparica Pro
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